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Industry Overview:

Indian Automobile Industry is into global radar of big international automobile companies who are keeping a close eye and strategize to enter into India to capture the growing demand of the industry. The sector is sub-divided into four segments:

• Two Wheelers: (Bikes, mopeds, scooters & electric scooters and bikes etc.)

• Passenger Vehicles: (Passenger Cars, Utility Vehicle & Multi-purpose vehicles (MUVs) etc.)

• Commercial Vehicles: (Light Vehicles & medium-heavy vehicles)

• Three Wheelers: (Passenger Carriers and Goods Carriers)

The market standing of Indian Automobile Sector can be analyzed by the given facts which say that Indian Automobile Sector is largest three wheeler market, 2 th 10 largest passenger car market, 4 market and 5 Easy availability of car or vehicle loans and instant financing of the same in nominal EMIs have enabled an Indian to buy automobiles easily, which has given a huge boost to this industry as 80% of vehicles are bought with bank finance.

Recruitment & Staffing

With all the international players in the market, this industry is having a stiff competition in each segment and thus companies require highly professional and experienced employees in each segment of the company whether it’s marketing, sales, branding or product innovation, etc. Automobile Sector is in India is known to employ 7.8 million people so far and demand for skilled professionals in the industry is still on.

White Collars have good domain expertise while working with automobiles as well as auto ancillary companies in India. We have a huge data base and strong professional network in this industry to provide excellent recruitment and staffing services. th largest tractor market, 5 nd largest two wheeler markets, th largest commercial vehicle th largest bus and truck market across the globe.