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Recruitment Process Outsourcing is one of our specialized services where we act as company,s internal recruitment function for a particular project job or for all the jobs. Being a service provider, we manage the entire recruitment process, from job profiling, CV short listing, interviews, and selection along with complete training and development also in some cases. We have dedicated RPO Consulting teams which works as an extension of the client s business, taking full responsibility for the strategy and all the compliances associated with managing a critical business process and assure ROI, integrated functionality, process development, flexibility and employer branding with added benefits of helping HR and line managers to concentrate on strategic functions.

Potential Benefits of Recruitment Process Outsourcing:

• Reduces overall recruitment costs by converting Fixed Costs into Variable & Transactional costs

• Reduces Recruitment Time which allows you to concentrate on your core business front

• Improved candidate search and retention by ensuring a consistent professional search

• Develops and enhances your brand as an employer by following a best practice