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Industry Overview:

With sound fundamentals and great scope for growth, India has one of the most developed financial markets in the world. Banking and insurance together contributes more than 6% to India’s GDP and has tremendous growth prospects because of its annual savings rate of more than 30%. India is worlds ninth largest and Asia’s third largest economy with US $1.78 billion and is expected to become third largest in world by 2030.

Banking Sector in India is now planning to penetrate rural areas which have immense potential as people still keep their money with themselves due to non availability of banks in nearby areas. Banks in rural area significantly boost deposits and more money would come in the markets.

Insurance penetration in India is very low (5.2% in 2010) compared to other developing Asian Countries, which has more than 10% penetration. With low insurance density and huge population, growth potential of this industry is very promising.

Growing influence of Indian economy is rapidly becoming a global platform for growth of financial services and this is the reason why most of the international banking, finance and insurance companies are coming to India. This has created a demand highly proficient and skilled finance professionals

Recruitment Solutions to Baking, Finance & Insurance

White Collars is having years of expertise in providing recruitment solutions to Banking, Finance and Insurance Sector with a strong network of professionals, forming a huge talent pool. We are working for some of the names of this industry offering them customized recruitment solutions and executive search to fulfill their staffing needs.