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Indian steel industry is fourth largest across the globe and is growing at a remarkable pace and expected to grow CAGR of 12% for coming futures. Steel is the basic necessity of all infrastructural and development needs along with huge demands from automobile sector, transportation and industrial applications. This shows how important role is played by steel industry in growth and development of India, empowering the economy of India.


Power Sector is also poinsed to grow as Indian planning commission has envisaged a huge expenditure in 12 independence. Power sector has also attracted major private investment in past few years due to bidding of ultra mega power plants (two won by Reliance and one by Tata) and huge capacity addition by others like Adani enterprises, GVK Jaypee etc. Power Sector is ranked 6 the leading sectors in India getting foreign direct investment. The industry has four major subdivisions which are: Power Generation, Power Transmission, Power Distribution and Power/ Electricity Retailing. Power Sector is expected to grow at a CAGR of 10-12% in next few years. India stands on fifth rank in the world in terms of power generation capacity.

Steel and Power Industry plays a very vital role in any country’s development, forming the base of the economy.

Recruitment and Staffing

White Collars have years of experience in offering best in class staffing and recruitment solution to power and steel industry. This has enabled us to gather a talent pool of professionals working in this industry and thus we can offer all sorts staffing needs, right from the project hiring for entire organization to headhunting for specific profile. th five year plan (2012-17) due to continued demand supply mismatch since