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Industry Overview:

Indian Media and Telecom industry is growing at a very rapid pace, especially with new age technology and digitization. Digitization includes digital cable TV networks, wireless broad bands, Direct-to-homes (DTH) and digital distribution of films and digital internet. The rise of Media and telecom industry is attributed to rise of IT automation, digital content consumption, increased use of internet and higher penetration of media to tier II and tier III cities.


Media Industry has five major Verticals: films, television, print media, radio and music among which television rules the industry with maximum audience.


Exceptional growth and changes in telecom industry have given new and cheaper technology in India. Indian Telecom Industry is getting 18 million new subscribers per month which enables the telecom to contribute by 2% to India’s GDP and makes it to be counted among largest telecom markets of the world.

Recruitment and Staffing

With high potential of growth in this sector, it becomes a highly sought after sector for job seekers/professionals. People prefer telecom industry due to immense growth possibility and assurance of great future. Telecom and media industry is also facing difficulties to retain skilled professional on their rolls due to high level of employee’s attrition rate in the sector. White Collars have good exposure to this industry while working with some of the clients etc. We have been serving companies with complete recruitment and staffing services and offering customized solutions to every need.